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Re: Short Report of testing daily build RC-1

tirsdag 21. februar 2006, 18:19, skrev RalfGesellensetter:
> Am Dienstag 21 Februar 2006 09:26 schrieb Juergen.Leibner@t-online.de:
> > I tested with Ralf yesterday evening.
> > I will test it with -x in the later afternoon today.
> > Do I have to install a new daily build before?
> Hi, I remember that there was a RANDR / xlib error, so this should be
> the case.
> As I understand Klaus-Ade, the -x option of gcompris makes X use
> another protocoll (without RANR), so you should not need to install
> any new version.
> BUT: My Gcompris manpage doesn't mention "-x", maybe you mean:
> --no-xshm
>               Don't use X shared memory extension
> ?
> Regards
> Ralf

You should see that option if you run 'gcompris --help'

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