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Re: backport for ooo2


* Klaus Ade Johnstad <klaus@skolelinux.no> [051124 19:23]:

> Why did you backport OpenOffice.org2,

The mentioned backports are those from Debians OOo team...

> when there is perfectly working  deb's already out there?
> Such as from 
> http://ftp.linux.cz/pub/localization/OpenOffice.org/devel/680/RC3/

They might work well enough, but it's a joke to call them perfect, isn't

Beside that they are not apt-get-able and that there are no source
packages available (or am I blind?), they violate Debian Policy (install
to /opt, bah) and seem to be monolingual... and that are only the
problems I saw with a quick check, if you like call lintian on any of
those debs ;)

I would prefer the backports by Debians OOo team.

Yours sincerely,


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