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Re: Our repository, and the progress of a sarge-based debian-edu


> in my experience, reprepro can install .orig.tar.gz files as part of the
> "includedsc" command, if you have the .dsc file, which you should in a
> proper debian archive to be able to use "apt-get source".
> live well,
>   vagrant

Can someone please just tell us the status?
I really think (ok i mentioned it all the time and i will keep on 
bothering ;) ) that we need a dak or a reprepro.
This would make things easier to upload to skolelinux!!!

Then we can just upload them and don't care about other stuff (an option to 
upload source packages and then a buildd take care of it would also be nice).

And as you know there are some uploads, especially the backports, the 
skolelinux specific packages and a minimum of pedagogical software which is 
not yet in debian (although we take care that next to every package is going 
into debian).

So a dak or a reprepro, a buildd and some cronjobs are strongly recommended.

Thanks to all of you who are working on it, I know that it is a lot of work, 
but it is important for all developers ;)


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