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Re: Integrating another distro into SkoleLinux Network (Ubuntu)

Am Sonntag 13 November 2005 14:48 schrieb Sergi Tur/SGA/UPC:
> I already follow all the instructions in
> http://developer.skolelinux.no/~ozmund/slxubuntu.html

Hello and thank you. As you mention using 1.0 venus, may I ask: you 
connected your work station to a woody tjener? I could imagine that 
some changes have been done to connect to a sarge tjener?

In case anybody has a URL for the needed files you copy to the 
workstation - please contribute ;)

Otherwise, you can also attachy the needed files to 
http://skolelinux.de/wiki/Skolelinux/Ubuntu which was created from your 


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