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Re: AUTOFS + LDAP Doubt. /skole mount point or /skole/tjener/home0 mount point?

Thank you for your answer. I think I'm starting to learn how it works...


On date 12/11/2005 23:59:54  Finn-Arne Johansen wrote:

>Sergi Tur/SGA/UPC wrote:
>> Hello everybody!
>> First of all sorry for my English. I have been mounting a SkoleLinux
>> network for a Spanish association in Barcelona. We have some problems
>> concerning with workstations and acces to file server.
>> I have a doubt with mountpoints that AUTOFS+ lDAP use to mount de user's
>Well, it works, And I'll try to explain why.
>> My case:
>> File: /etc/default/autofs
>> File: /etc/init.d/autofs
>> ===============
>> But in /etc/exports we export /skole/tjener/home0
>> I think that is an error. It is?
>nope. This is correct. I'll try to explain later.
>> I test in a workstation
>> $ mount -t nfs tjener:/skole /skole
>> mount: tjener:/skole failed, reason given by server: Acces denied
>The reason for this is that /skole is not exported from the server.
>But you're not using automount here, you are using regular mounting. But
>if you take look in /etc/auto.master on the client, you will find that
>/skole is automounted, and subfolders should be looked up using ldap.

Only one problem. I searched in 3 workstations and I don't find the
/etc/auto.master file!!!

I usually use the Klaus work (thank you very much Klauss) at

In this page http://www.skolelinux.org/~klaus/newnotater/a3794.html I
suggest that workstations didn't use
/etc/auto.master file.

I'm a bit confused at this moment....

Anyway, can you send an /etc/auto.master example file?

>> $ mount -t nfs tjener:/skole/tjener/home0 /skole
>> OK!
>Still not using automount, and in fact, doing so will break the
>automount system (until you unmount tjener:/skole/tjener/home0 from
>> Moreover in workstations we don't have a /skole/tjener/home0 folder. We
>> only have a /skole folder. Is this correct?
>Yes. Log in as root on the workstation, and do an "ls /skole"
>If noone is logged in you will find that /skole exists, but seems empty
>if someone was logged in (either at that point or recently), you will
>find /skole/tjener.
>If it's not mounted, it's kind of hard to imagine that you could in fact
>enter into /skole/tjener, when it dont exists.
>Well that's automounting.
>We face that problem if we creates /skole/tjener/shared/teachers, and
>exports that from the server. when the teachers (teachera) logs in
>/skole/tjener/home0 is mounted, just because the homefolder is
>/skole/tjener/home0/teachera. First, the workstation "enters" in to
>/skole. Since that is an mountpoint it will exists. In fact, if it's not
>there, it will be created when automount starts.
>Then /skole/tjener is mounted. Since /skole is an automount share, and
>uses ldap, the info is looked up using ldap.
>take a search as
>ldapsearch -xLLL "(|(cn=tjener)(ou=tjener))"
>You then will see that /skole/tjener is another automountpoint. You will
>see a lot of resemblancse (correct spelling?) with the entry in the file
>OK, /skole/tjener is mounted, and we'll continue to /skole/tjener/home0
>ldapsearch -xLLL "(|(cn=home0)(ou=home0))"
>There you will see that this mountpoint should be mounted from
>"tjener:/skole/tjener/home0" using the options
>In Fact, there is nothing that says that the exported folder
>(skole/tjener/home0) has to be mounted on the same mountpoint on the
>server. In my lab, I have a server exporting /bzzware/bzzhome (using
>nfs), but ldap tells my workstations to mount the folder at
>Well, maybe that was better suited to confuse you all :)
>But the point is, we can have a lot of things mounted under /skole
>I often end up with a structure like
>of these, only these folders are exported through nfs from the
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