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Re: ltsp problem

Georg Damm wrote:
>>Dr. Georg Damm wrote:
>>>we are running venus on our main server and sarge pre00 on the
>>>ltspserver. Everything was stable for at least 9 months. Then /
>>>was running out of space and I decided to create a logical
>>>volume for /opt, moved the data and changed fstab accordingly.
>>>While NX (/opt/NX) still runs, the ltsp thin clients cannot
>>>boot anymore. As far as i remember the error messages:
>>>/linuxrc: mount cannot find file or directory
>>>/linuxrc: echo cannot find file or directory
>>>/linuxrc: init cannot find file or directory
>>>kernel panic ...
>>>I think that the (ltsp) file system cannot be mounted.
>>>Any hints are most welcome,
>>If you did not restart the NFS service it probably is not working
>>and the thin clients cannot mount their root file system. The
>>simplest thing is to reboot the server, which might be a good
>>idea anyway to verify that it will come back up correctly.
> That had no effect. I got a different error message (earlier in the 
> boot process than now) when the thin clients could not mount their 
> root file system (i forgot to mount /opt on ltspserver00 at a test 
> run ;-)). The booting process gets into troubles when the clients 
> are doing the pivot root (change of root <-> nfs root). 
> Is there a possibility to check if the nfs root filesystem is 
> mounted correctly (and the pivot not yet done)? 

It would be useful to see the actual error messages, particularly the
last ones on the screen of the thin clients.

Other things to check is that the thin client actually mounts the root
file system, that should be in the syslog on tjener.intern. You could
also check with exportfs -v that the NFS server exports what you expect
it to do.

> Should I try to reinstall ltsp (from skolelinux/ubuntu/sid/... 
> sources)?

If you moved the /opt/ltsp/i386 contents back to the right place, then
there is no need to reinstall.

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Ragnar Wisløff
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