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Re: Re: ltsp problem - solved

> Hi there,
> Am Dienstag 01 November 2005 01:02 schrieb Ragnar Wisloff:
> > If you moved the /opt/ltsp/i386 contents back to the right 
> > then there is no need to reinstall.
> Ack. Out from my own experience, I could imagine that some 
> links to libs or executable files were broken by copying them. As 
> accession rights, I assume you used the right flag with "cp" in 
> to keep all attributes. 

A reinstallation solved the problem.

I thought 
rsync -Cauv /opt/ltsp /mnt/
would preserve the symbolic links (and i detected some) and 
else. Maybe that was a to bold assumption? 
Or some process had opened a file in opt??
> If you have a sarge LTSP, you can define a thin client console for 
> CTRL+ALT+F2. Here you can check which pathes are there...

I checked that before, but never got into the console ;-)

Thanks Ralf+Ragnar :-)


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