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more questions about Lessdisks

I did not succeed to set up a configuration for a client

I tried that on a PR05 with no change to the version of lessdisks 0.5.3cvs

My goal is to get working a serial mouse.

I tried to modify the /etc/lessdisks/ltsp/x_ltsp.conf i've commented the lines
concerning the ps/2 mouse and uncommented the lines concerning the serial mouse
and that worked well.

Then I tried to set up a particular configuration for this terminal

first i've added the folowing entry to /etc/lessdisks/terminals.config
terminal1    00:20:ED:02:15:33
I did not modify anithing the default entry

Then i've created a file named terminal1 in /etc/lessdisks/terminals/
with only the entry for the serial mouse

Then, when I boot the terminal I've the message could not find terminal1 from
DNS and I enter in runlevel 2.

Did I forgot something ?

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