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Re: proxy.pac

On Mon, 31 Okt 2005, Ralf Gesellensetter wrote:

> did anybody out there try to install some central proxy defining pac file?

yes, many times

> something like this:
> function FindProxyForURL(url, host) {
>    return "PROXY webcache.intern:3128";
> }
> I should be grateful for any documentation and further hints for different 
> brands of browsers (also: transparent proxies, user dependent settings...)


One important thing is, not to use any DNS Names in this file. The HTTP
Proxy is very efficient in resolving, if you use functions like
"isInNet(host, pattern, mask)" you force the client to resolve the
destination address, which will slow down the whole thing.. and for e.g. the
MSIE will sometimes freeze in operation until the address is resolved.

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