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Re: release: codename and version


I think Oslo is the better choice :

Code Name:
Oslo = Norway. The Home of  Skole - it woulbe be nice to identify Skole
origin Country/city.

Oslo is relatively easy

Version Numbering:
About the version  numbering I would suggest that now it should be bumped
up and use the Debian release number it is based upon.

Skole current is based upon Debian 3.1 then it should be also 3.1 not  2.0

Distro Name:
While we are at it then how about a change in the name from Skolelinux to 
Debian Skole.

1. While it does not affects Skolelinux  or Debian to use Linux in their
name, but due to Linux name issue it would be better to use Debian in
place of linux in Skole project.

2. Skole is now ready for take off it would be better to promote  Debian
as main identity rather Linux. Description or fine print can say any thing
required under the terms of license but main brand name IMHO should be the
one over which Debian project has full control.

3. With 500+ flavours of Linux now there is more need for creating brand
identity. Newer project can not use " Linux " in their name like before.
If Skolelinux took the lead but I suppose we need to check it with Debian



On Friday 28 October 2005 03:41 pm, RalfGesellensetter wrote:
> Or: How about "Oslo" ;)
> Regards
> Ralf.

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