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Re: Changing user name generation

Onsdag 26 oktober 2005 11:27, skrev James Yale:
> Hi,
> I've been playing with Skole a reasonable amount recent, and have put it
> into afew small schools near where I am, one of the biggest problems
> we're having is the username generation - although the add ldap user
> script works well, for the schools I've put Skole into, it generates
> really bad usernames :)
> The ideal solution would just be another field on the webmin page to
> specify a username, instead of one being generated (if one wasn't
> specified, the username could still be auto-generated?) - that way we
> can have usernames the reflect the yeargroup or class name of the
> student, for instance '02g3jy' for a student in year 2, class g3 with
> the initials jy.
> I've tried looking at the perl which makes up the webmin module, and
> though I've picked up some perl since looking, it seems to be using a
> templating system which is beyond me (at the moment anyway).
> What I'm after are any hints as to what exactly needs changing (I'm
> looking at ldap-users.pl, EnterManyUsers.tmpl.html and
> WebminLdapSkolelinux.pm) and mabye a broad idea of how to go about it,
> or possibly to suggest the inclusion of this as a feature in a future
> release?

The functionality you want is already there, you must use the batch processing 
module which you find at bottom of the screen for "Enter new user". In the 
text file you need to generate, one of the fields can be the username. WLUS 
will then use this user name happily. It falls on you to make sure that there 
are no duplicate user names. IMHO a really bad user name is one that already 
exist ;)


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