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Re: Changing user name generation

James Yale:
> Hi,
> I've been playing with Skole a reasonable amount recent, and have put it 
> into afew small schools near where I am, one of the biggest problems 
> we're having is the username generation - although the add ldap user 
> script works well, for the schools I've put Skole into, it generates 
> really bad usernames :)

What is a bad username?

> The ideal solution would just be another field on the webmin page to 
> specify a username, instead of one being generated (if one wasn't 
> specified, the username could still be auto-generated?) - that way we 
> can have usernames the reflect the yeargroup or class name of the 
> student, for instance '02g3jy' for a student in year 2, class g3 with 
> the initials jy.

So, you want users to change usernames each year - and usernames possibly
reused by other persons every year? Personally, I don't think this is a good

> I've tried looking at the perl which makes up the webmin module, and 
> though I've picked up some perl since looking, it seems to be using a 
> templating system which is beyond me (at the moment anyway).
> What I'm after are any hints as to what exactly needs changing (I'm 
> looking at ldap-users.pl, EnterManyUsers.tmpl.html and 
> WebminLdapSkolelinux.pm) and mabye a broad idea of how to go about it, 
> or possibly to suggest the inclusion of this as a feature in a future 
> release?


Bjørn Ove Grøtan

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