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Re: Yes, I will participate in the developer gathering Oct 14th-16th 2005

Friday 14. October 2005 14:06, wrote Harald Thingelstad:
> Not all that prepared for it this time (obviously), but yes
> I want to participate in the gathering in Ski.  I plan to join the
> technical/doc part of the gathering, or work with the translators.
> Pretty much the same plan as last time.
> Will join the dinner on Saturday. Friday too, if I can get to it this
> late.
> Plans to sleep over if I can get hold of a mattress, otherwise I'll have
> to go get one on friday/saturday night.
> Will join the dinner on Saturday.
> Friday too, if there's a mattress at the school and if reservations are
> okay this late.

I have just walked from Ski school down to Ski (5-6 minutes), and bought a air 
mattress on Clas Ohlson. 79,- NOK. 


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