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Re: Some notes from the Skolelinux developer gathering 2005-09

Thursday 29. September 2005 15:20, wrote Gaute Hvoslef Kvalnes:
> It's late, but anyway: Here's a follow-up from the translators.

This is even later ;)

I was the one urging people to write a little report about what they had done 
at the gathering, så here comes a little report from me to..... 

From this gathering on, we are not giving any refunds on the travel expanses, 
if the person has not sent a report about what he/she has done. This is meant 
as a push to everyone that attend the gatherings, to acheeve something, while 
they are there. (I don't think anyone want to send a report telling this list 
they have done nothing.... A little countermeasure against lurkers....)  

So what did I do the last developer gathering? Once again, I started to look 
at the extensive list of bugs that are registered on the debian-edu@l.d.o 
user, in our Bugzilla. I'm not sure as to what we should do about it, it is 
so extensive, that I think people kind of have given up on it. There are not 
many bugs that are getting closed this days. There are some bugs that are 
being reported in, and it seems to me that they are getting some kind of 
follow up, but the old bugs are just laying around. 

Another problem here is that quite a big part of our old bugs are against the 
Venus, or pre-Venus releases. Closing thees bugs because they are fixed in 
the debian-edu-pr05 release, probably ain't the right way to do it. So at the 
next developer gathering we need to discuss how we should handle this.

For the most part of Saturday I worked with bug #942. I have now created a 
webpage displaying the net services on Tjener, in a more intuitive page. This 
page is displayed both in English and Norwegian. Translations to other 
languages are welcome. I also learned how to do apply the changes, initialize 
a new CD build and get them included on the newly created CD. :)

I also reassigned one bug about wlus (#787), and tried to close #864 and #938. 
I also added comments on a couple of other bugs, so we can get more info or 
prepere to close later. Some of the bug reporters are not following up the 
suggested solutions, and we need to get more feedback on the proposed 
solutions. If they solve the problem, the bug could have been closed a long 
time ago. Now they are just filling up the bugzilla. 

I also want to take the opportunity to tank Kongsvinger municipality, and 
Vennersberg school especially for hosting this developer gathering. We were 
few people attending this gathering, but then again, we got more 
consentration time, and not so much disturbance. ;)


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