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Re: Release-team

Thursday 22. September 2005 14:54, wrote Petter Reinholdtsen:
> [Frode Jemtland]
> > Other suggestions ?
> What about letting people just start working, and allow the team to
> form itself?  

Yes, that would be the best. But after the release of Venus, we have had quite 
a long time, without this happening. Finn-Arne has done the job himself.

> Do we have reason to believe that a team selected from 
> "above" will do more or better work than a team of people just
> starting to work on the task and coordinating their task together?

No, we do not. But if these people start this work, they can document how they 
got up and running, and spread this to the rest of the project.

> I have nothing against the proposed people, and believe they might do
> a good job.  But as far as I know there is nothing blocking anyone
> from starting to work on the CD and the release.
> Perhaps a clear delegation of authoraty is needed to get people
> started? 

That is some of the idea....

> I do not know, but believe we most of all need motivated and 
> dedicated people on the job, and there is too much work for one
> person, so we need several motivated and dedicated people. :)

I totally agree. :) 

If people have done the same thing for a long time, they tend to be 
demotivated... I therfor think that a "release-team" like this should swap 
out one member every now and then. (How long period of time we are talking 
about here I do not know. (3 months, 6 months, 12 months, ???)) So people can 
step away for a period, if they feel for it. 

This is actually some of the essence that Knut, and Kurt talked about, trying 
to sheeld our developer, spred the load, giving them time to step away from 
the work, before they get really feedup.


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