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[Bug 938] Nagios generates too many reports


------- Additional Comments From frode.jemtland@skolelinux.no  2005-09-19 14:01 -------
The problem that the reporter is talking about, is that he gets a lot of mail  
from Nagios. Nagios is set up to send mail to it's contact every 15 minute  
until the contact are telling Nagios, he is aware of the problem.  After the 
user have aknowledged the problem/warning, Nagios shuts up.  
That a user do not want to aknowledge the warning that Nagios is telling him is  
not a bug with setup of debian-edu.  
What should we do about this? Disable the warning notifications from Nagios?  
(Nagios is _not_ sending error/warning messages for a clean install'ed server. 
This happens, in this case, when the partition it checks is more then xx% full.
(Don't have the exact number in front of me)) 

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