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Re: How is your ITP for kgeography going?

[Pedro Jurado Maqueda]
> Well, the last version 0.3 is packaged and lintian free.

Right.  I found it and had a look.  The package looked fine. :)

But we will need to wait with the upload until the C++ transition is
further along, as kdelib-dev is uninstallable in unstable at the
moment so I can't build a package for upload.

> The project is now called ekhis (http://www.ekhis.org) and in this
> very moment I'm uploading the package to its repository

Right.  Perhaps this information should be added to the wnpp request?

>> Do you need a sponsor?  
> Yes, this is the final purpose for the packages hosted in ekhis

Right.  Then I believe you have come to the right place.  Unless some
of the other DDs in the debian-edu subproject volunteers, I can check
and sponsor your package.

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