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Re: How is your ITP for kgeography going?

El Viernes, 29 de Julio de 2005 13:28, Petter Reinholdtsen escribió:
> Hello
> I just discovered kgeography, after finding it on the list of
> non-debian packages used by debian-edu installation[0].  After
> searching a bit, I found your intention to package WNPP request[1],
> with no apparent progress for the last few months.

Well, the last version 0.3 is packaged and lintian free.

> Are you still working on this package?  I tried to visit
> <URL:http://www.kalyxo.org>, 

The project is now called ekhis (http://www.ekhis.org) and in this very moment 
I'm uploading the package to its repository

> but it does not seem to exist any more. 
> I notice debian packages on the upstream download page[2], but the
> source lack the build rules, and there is no debian related diff.
> Where are the build rules for this package?

I can send you the source files, if you want.

> Do you need a sponsor?  

Yes, this is the final purpose for the packages hosted in ekhis

> I  
> could perhaps help out with sponsoring, or some of the other DDs on
> debian-edu might be able to help.

O.K. any help is welcomed

> Cc to debian-edu@, a list for educational software in debian and the
> development of the debian-edu distro.  I'm also CC-ing the upstream
> author, in case he have some comments.

Well, many thanks for you interest and for the help offer.

> Referenses:
>  0 <URL:http://developer.skolelinux.no/popcon/unknown/by_inst>
>  1 <URL:http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=268702>
>  2 <URL:http://developer.berlios.de/project/showfiles.php?group_id=1717>

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