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Re: Some notes on the next generation LTSP (getting LTSP into Debian/main)

> > i'd still like to explore ways that we can coordinate ltsp and lessdisks
> > development(at least in the context of debian and ubuntu), since there
> > is so much overlap, now...
> My source code archive is here:
> http://people.ubuntu.com/~mdz/archives/matt.zimmerman@canonical.com/
> development is taking place on ltsp--main--0.
> If you have identified some specific areas where we could share code, that
> would be a good start.

main area is in the chroot installation (server/ltsp-build-client).

biggest problem is that everything is hard-coded.  petter proposed a
patch to change some of the values using commandline options, i think.

specificly, all of these should be configurable: ROOT, DIST, MIRROR, the
mirror components, the packages, kernel-img.conf options, what
additional scripts to run (ltsp-update-kernels, ltsp-update-sshkeys)

the lessdisks-install script from lessdisks has many comparable values,
and they are also configurable:


lessdisks-install has considerably more complexity than
ltsp-build-client (for better and worse- the cold is old and crusty),
and i would like to consider writing a more generic chroot installation
tool.  it seems like it would be easier to adapt (or re-write)
lessdisks-install to be able to install ltsp than the other way around.
and since lessdisks-install is in need of a re-write, i figure it might
be worth writing a generic chroot installation tool that can meet both
ltsp and lessdisks needs, and hopefully other chroot installations as

a big difference between the two scripts is that lessdisks-install
actually runs a significant portion of the install chrooted, to make it
less dependent on what exact version of lessdisks is installed on the
server and in the chroot.  it first installs the lessdisks-terminal
package, which contains a script the lessdisks-install runs chrooted.

on another note, i propose to carry on discussion on the debian-edu
list. would anyone like to be removed from the CC list on this thread?

feel free to drop me from the CC field i am on both debian-edu and
lessdisks lists.

live well,

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