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Re: Some notes on the next generation LTSP (getting LTSP into Debian/main)

> > So perhaps unionfs isn't the best option for the next generation LTSP?
> There hasn't been movement on an upstream union mount solution in years.
> unionfs definitely has its problems, but LTSP isn't a very demanding client,
> and Knoppix is using it successfully for simple cases.
> Petter, if you'd like to submit a patch to provide an optional traditional
> symlink+ramdisk alternative configuration in the packages, that's OK with
> me.

probably better than a symlink+ramdisk approach would be a tmpfs+bind
mount approach, as it requires no (or few) tweaks of the NFS filesystem,
and also works with standard debian kernels.

i also recently discovered that you can bind mount individual files on
top of other files...

recently explored several ways to use unionfs with initrd-netboot-tools
and lessdisks, as well as some of this bind-mounting of individual.

i'd still like to explore ways that we can coordinate ltsp and lessdisks
development(at least in the context of debian and ubuntu), since there
is so much overlap, now...

live well,

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