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Re: Invitaton to edubuntu-people for Debian Edu devcamp

[Colin Applegate]
> I would be absolutely thrilled to take part in gathering in Norway,
> however my funds are limited. Would it be possible for I, Colin
> Applegate, to be one of those "few foreigners" that have travel
> expenses covered by the treasury?

Ah, I remember you from the edubuntu gathering, and it would be nice
to have you participating.

> I am coming from the Washington, DC area. My estimated flight
> expense to Norway is about $1150, roundtrip, as of today on a United
> flight.

This on the other hand make it harder.  It is enough to get at least
3-5 developers from Norway to the gathering, and way over the limit of
200 EURO where you need approval up-front to get the travel covered

With that prize-tag, I would personally recommend against paying your
trip.  Are you sure there are no cheeper alternatives?  I believe Joey
Hess was able to get from USA for 300-400 EURO.

> My expertise is on K12LTSP, classroom teaching using LTSP, and
> teaching computer science in general. I have been Jeffrey Elkner's
> (computer science teacher) classroom aid and lab administrator for
> over a year. I will be a first-year student at university this
> coming fall in the United States. I am also a student developer of
> Edubuntu, my mentor is Oliver Grawert. I will be able to aid
> debian-edu project by helping with K12LTSP integration, thin-client
> ideas/solutions, and user application selection.

Your experience sounds very relevant, and I would love to have you
working on thin client solutions or application selections for
debian-edu. :)

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