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Re: Releaseteam / Re: NetInstall: Deploying workstations by PXE boot

RalfGesellensetter wrote:
> Dear Finn-Arne,
> thanks for replying - please allow me this PM...:

NO, I dont allow you that :)

> Am Mittwoch, 13. Juli 2005 09:37 schrieben Sie:
>>Why do you continue to work on Venus ?
> Well, Venus is the last official release. There is no problem to adapt 
> the whole thing to any version later (whatever install CD is forwarded 
> to the boot clients) - but if it works for woody, it will work for 
> sarge, anyway...
> ...

The work you do is development work. We can continue to do development
work on venus, and then in 3 years from now release the new Release
based on Sarge.

>>>[BTW: What is the contact address for the new Debian-Edu Release
>>This list works fine. But most of the Release team has taken some
>>days of. I guess the team will be more active in a couple of weeks.
> Mh, I might have put the question in another way - but this might have 
> led to misunderstandings. We just talked about the release team, who 
> exactly is in there, what decisions they (?) do, and to what extent it 
> is open for furhter people to join.

Still, the correct way to address the team (at least for now) is the
Debian-edu list.

> My personal impression was that this release team focusses on policy and 
> roadmaps, so it is good to have a small team. But then one could argue 
> if you can separate policy decisions from technical development -- and 
> if you don't exclude developers if you don't make things public 
> concerning the how-abouts of the release team.

I think you're wrong. The relase team I signed up to be a part of is a
team that focuses on getting a new version of Skolelinux.
To get there, we need to get the list of applications to keep on the CD,
some way of getting more packages availible for the installation.

> IIRC it was Petter who asked to make the release team list public. How 
> about just introducing the release team and its work on some web page?

I hope the release team will find the time to discuss if the list
archive should be private or public, and that the list will find the
time to create a webpage for the release team.

Finn-Arne Johansen
faj@bzz.no http://bzz.no/
PreRelease manager for Sarge-based Debian-edu
Member of Release Team for a Sarge-based debian-edu

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