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Re: NetInstall: Deploying workstations by PXE boot

RalfGesellensetter wrote:
> Dear List,
> many discussions have been made what tool to use if we want to deploy an 
> entire classroom. As not all workstations own a local CD device, and it 
> might be tiring anyway to walk from PC to PC with your Install CD, 
> suggestions had been made to use FAI or M23 or any other tool.
> During our last "Lern- und Arbeitswochenende" (Learning and Working 
> Weekend) [1,2] at the German Skolelinux Testcenter, Geert Stappers from 
> Breda joined us, in order to check for a more straight forward way: How 
> to tune a raw mainserver (Tjener) to empower him for net-install. 
> As Geert put it: Everything is already there, it only lacks the glue. 
> The idea is to forward the debian-installer on the install-CD to 
> (assigned) clients via TFTP/PXE. A report of first steps towards such a 
> "Super-Tjener" can be found in our Wiki [3]. It includes detailed 
> instructions, so you can test it yourself.
> Sunday, high noon, we watched a wokstation booting Skolelinux-Venus via 
> PXE, asking for profiles and language, which all went very quick.

Why do you continue to work on Venus ?

> Now, there is not an end, but a bend on the road: The initramdisk 
> forwarded to the client is hardcoded to install from local CD drive. 
> AFAIK, Geert already asked for its location in CVS, because adapting 
> the source is better than hacking the image itself.

The initramdisk is fetched from upstream debian-installer, I think.

> [BTW: What is the contact address for the new Debian-Edu Release team?]

This list works fine. But most of the Release team has taken some days
of. I guess the team will be more active in a couple of weeks.

Finn-Arne Johansen
faj@bzz.no http://bzz.no/
Release manager for PreRelease Sarge-based Debian-edu
Member of Release team for Sarge based Debian-edu

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