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Re: Release team

søndag 10. juli 2005, 22:06, skrev Geert Stappers:

> What are PR releases ?

A PreRelease of a Skolelinux/debian-edu CD. 

The release team decides that a daily build has a bundle of bugfixes
that has to be checked against the bug-tracking system, to be sure
that the bugs has to be closed. With the prerelease there is a short
report of the bugfixes, a bug-number and who that has closed a bug. 


> Things I didn't (dare to) ask before:
> * At which website is the existence of the release team documented?

This is the old one: 

The  release team are now making a new release page: 

> * How to contact the release team?

At this list (debian-edu), and at their own closed list that I and
others recommend to be opened:

> * Where to look for activity of the release team?

At this list (debian-edu) and the release-team list.


Knut Yrvin

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