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Re: Release team

On Sun, Jun 26, 2005 at 11:12:06PM +0200, Vidar Bakke wrote:
> Hi


The thread is probably cold, so I kept the complete original message.

> From the inception of Skolelinux the steady stream of PR releases was
> the single most important motivation factor, both for developers and
> end-users. Because we had a release manger, in Petter Reinholdtsen,
> which was able to release working code on a regular basis the foundation
> for a successful free software project was present.
> Unfortunately the work necessary to create the releases is time
> consuming and hard work, and Petter decided to cut down on the daily
> hours spent on building releases after the release of 1.0. Petter had
> hoped that his work was picked up by someone else. Luckily Finn-Arne has
> for a long time worked on the Sarge version of Skolelinux and he is now
> providing PR releases of the next release. Finn-Arne is building the PR
> releases in his spare time and he needs help to be able to complete the
> high number of tasks between now and the next version of Skolelinux.

What are PR releases ?

> Since it's absolutely critical that we release often and it's a lot of
> work the release manager job must be done by a group of people instead
> of one individual. In a meeting between Slx Debian and Frisk I therefore
> proposed that we formed a release manager team with Finn-Arne Johansen
> and two other old timers in the project; Ragnar Wisløff and Klaus Ade
> plus myself as the team servant. Part of the teams job is to create a
> job description, list  the responsibilities and create the statutes
> (deadline 2005-12-01).
> The board of Frisk approves the initiative. Any feedback is highly
> appreciated.

Things I didn't (dare to) ask before:

 * At which website is the existence of the release team documented?

 * How to contact the release team?

 * Where to look for activity of the release team?

> Regards
> -vidar

Geert Stappers

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