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Re: Skolelinux participation at the Edubuntu Summit

>From Sergio Talens-Oliag on Saturday, 2005-07-09 at 23:36:53 +0200:
> > >They say that they are going to use Skolelinux for this. I'm not sure 
> > >if this means a translated Skolelinux/Debian-Edu or a new distro based on 
> > >Skolelinux.
> > Please try to convince them that an enhanced translation might be the best
> > for all sides.
>   Hmm, the Skolelinux idea is from people at the conference, not from the
>   goverment, as Quim has explained in other message.
>   I believe it is a good idea, but it seems that companies that do not have
>   some kind of goverment certification won't be able to go after the public
>   tender, making near to impossible the use of distributions that don't
>   have a company behind them, as traditional IT companies look for
>   partnerships with other companies for this kind of projects.
>   Sadly that means that a lot of offers will be based on the commercial
>   distributions (I've heard rumours about Novell and the message from Quim
>   about Ubuntu)
>   Anyway, we will see what happens, as the tender has to be published an
>   resolved soon.

What prevents SLX Debian Labs (the commercial entity connected with
skolelinux) from being counted as a company?

Is it simply a question of how many millions you have standing
behind you, or what is the issue?  What kind of certification
is needed?


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