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Re: School conference in Spain

RalfGesellensetter wrote:
Hej Markus - or should I say: hola marco ;)

Nice, just looked up the place: it's some 40 km west of Barcelona, on the sea side.

Are presentations given in English or Spanish? Who are the main participants - are there any decision makers? This might be important for deciding if to stress on technical things or more on political/administrative issues.

I will have to do it in English. I belive that it is mainly school people, and I realy do nt know if they are decision makers. I do belive that this conference is mainly about free software (third year), so most of the participants will have some knowledge off the subject.

Am Sonntag, 3. Juli 2005 07:40 schrieb Markus Gamenius:

I'm going to talk about how it all started, where we are to day, what
will be the challenges in the future.

Is it anyone out there who have some english presentations on their
PC's? It would shurly speed me up when I'm writing mine.

I think, Conrad had one on Free Software in general. You might use google with "filetype:sxi" (or even: ppt for this).

Is it anyone who know how many schhols we do have in Germany and
other contries?

Mh, officially registered, there are some 10-15 schools, but there should be raher 50-100. The "Bundesland" (federal state) of Hamburg recommends their schools Skolelinux in case they decide for Linux. There are other local distros for schools in Germany that are wider spread, but mainly supply samba and squid (no free software for the desktop).

These URLs might help:




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