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Re: Some notes on the next generation LTSP (getting LTSP into Debian/main)

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On 02-07-2005 10:59, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> Call for help to get LTSP into Debian!
> I'm currently at an edubuntu conference here in London, and have spent
> part of the time learning more about the next generation LTSP.  We
> have been told that the next version of LTSP will build on Ubuntu, and
> one of the participants at this conference, Matt Zimmerman, is the
> person in Ubuntu working on the integration.  These are some random
> observation on the topic, and some pointers for more information.
> The Ubuntu LTSP package is available from
> <URL:ftp://ftp.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/l/ltsp/>.  It is the
> extracted boot scripts from LTSP (ltsp-client), and some scripts to
> build the client environment (ltsp-server/ltsp-server-standalone).  It
> also need some adjustment for the kernel used on the clients, as ut
> uses unionfs and also need to handle NFS root file system.
> Some notes on the LTSP packages in Ubuntu are available from
> <URL:http://udu.wiki.ubuntu.com/ThinClientIntegration>.

Sounds great. Will read that!

>  - Debian/sarge is missing the client dependency initramfs-tools.
>    This is a variant of the kernel issue.  We need to get the Debian
>    kernels to support the features we need, or build our own.

initrd-netboot-tools is in Debian Sarge and has similar functionality
(although possibly not as nicely coded) as initramfs-tools. It may work
as is, but possibly the option parsing is too limited. Please try it
out, and file bugreports on anything not working.

It is shell code only, so even if corrections/improvements are needed by
Debian-edu then hacks are relatively simply applied.

Do initramfs-tools add nfsboot-support to kernels without it compiled in?

Another alternative to initramfs-tools is currently in the NEW queue of
Debian: yaird. It is much nicer coded than initrd-netboot-tools, adds
nfsboot-support (and a bunch of other niceties) but works only on 2.6
kernels (it relies on sysfs).

I am package maintainer of both initrd-netboot-tools yaird for Debian,
and would off course appreciate bugreports and patches to improve its
cooperation with LTSP.

 - Jonas

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