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Re: [i18n-no] Translation of WLUS

Quoting Håvard Korsvoll (korsvoll@skulelinux.no):
> Hi
> I have investigated the translation of WLUS. In particular the norwegian 
> translation. It seems that the WLUS webmin module is using utf8, even 
> though the rest of webmin is using iso-8859.
> I have updated the pot-file and updated all po-files with latest changes 
> and converted them to utf8. Norwegian is completly translated, both 
> bokmål and nynorsk. But only one norwegian language is supported by 
> webmin (namely the language code no).
> The other languages should be updated as well to latest version, and I 
> hope Andreas will make a new upload with the latest translations included.

Andreas, think about using the podebconf-report-po utility from
po-debconf. It helps a lot for pinging translators for updates. Mail
me (or followup invluding i18n-no which I'm subscribe to) if you neede

Håvard, while I think about this, you should re-sync the d-i
translations for nb and nn from the D-I repository. This morning I
have fixed several variable substitution mistakes in these files.

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