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Translation of WLUS


I have investigated the translation of WLUS. In particular the norwegian translation. It seems that the WLUS webmin module is using utf8, even though the rest of webmin is using iso-8859.

I have updated the pot-file and updated all po-files with latest changes and converted them to utf8. Norwegian is completly translated, both bokmål and nynorsk. But only one norwegian language is supported by webmin (namely the language code no).

The other languages should be updated as well to latest version, and I hope Andreas will make a new upload with the latest translations included.

Remember to not put space between choises in a drop-down menu.
This example shows how it is done right:
msgid "0-No,1-Yes"
msgstr "0-Nei,1-Ja"

The po-files are located in skolelinux cvs at src/webmin-ldap-skolelinux/po


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