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Re: Reimbursement of travel expences regarding developer gatherings

fredag 28. januar 2005, 17:28, skrev Jørgen Grønlund:
> Hi,
> for those of you who have travel expences regarding developer
> gatherings (taken place in Norway), please use the template provided
> here to make out your travel-invoice:
> http://www.linuxiskolen.no/~jorgenhg/travel-invoice.pdf
> When you have filled in the form, please send this to:
> Jørgen Grønlund
> Skiferveien 2
> 1151 Oslo
> Norway
> You will be reimbursed the cost of your travel within 3 weeks after the
> gathering have taken place.

This means that you *must* send your invoices within 3 weeks, after the 

> (There will soon be an international web-page under the
> skolelinux.org site which contains this template and explains this
> procedure more thoroughly)
> Best regards,
> Jørgen Grønlund
> --
> Treasurer for the Norwegian Skolelinux-organisation

Board member of the Norwegian skolelinux-member organisation

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