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Using squidguard blacklists in skolelinux(.de)

Using squidguard blacklists in skolelinux

Hello there, I am looking into putting squidguard blacklists into use for for
the German version of skolelinux.

There's a few blacklists out there
The three blacklists are available from deep links with no speaking names -
they may be subject to change. If either of the three - or worst the default
choice - goes down, many skolelinux.de installations will "break". Also the
URLs may look fishy to an interested teacher, because they don't come from a
"trustworthy" domain.

A better approach imho is to create a blacklist which is available from the
skolelinux.de site. It should just be a copy from the teledanmark blacklist
with possible postprocessing (e.g. removal of sites that are known to be ok or
adding of sites which are known to not be ok).

Skolelinux installations would fetch the blacklist periodically (which time
intervals make sense?) and then there will be some postprocessing as well:
teachers can add whitelist and blacklist entries through the webmin interface.

What do you folks think of this approach?

-- Dirk

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