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Proposal: Virtual CD Webmin Module

Hi there,

before putting it away into bugzilla's wishlist, I'd like to present an 
idea just coming into my mind. Maybe it is already there - or you 
consider it bullsh* as it serves mainly windos. But well:

With linux, it is virtually _very_ easy to mount an iso image as virtual 
drive, using the command line. For teachers, a GUI like a webmin module 
is needed.


Let $ISOPATH be the location of a limited amount of ISO images, named 
"IMAGE<nnn>.ISO" each, where <nnn> is a unique 3-digit number in 
ascending order.

Let /mnt/vcd<i> be possible mount points for Virtual CDs (i=0..9).

In order to supply a virtual CD drive X: for a windows client based on 
ISO Image <nnn>, these steps must be done:

 (i) mount -o loop $ISOPATH/IMAGE<nnn>.ISO /mnt/vcd<i>/
 (ii) add  a section [vcd<i>] into smb.conf and restart 
            smbd (this needs actually only be done once)
(iii) call "net use X: //tjener/vcd<i>" from windows client.

The webmin module I think of just lists all available ISO images, then 
activates on demand by mounting according to step (i).

One could also discuss that all available images will be mounted by 
default, then there needs only a locally run windows tool to select 
which samba shares to "net use" where. 

Adding further images on base of locally existing CDs could be another 
task of such webmin module. However I'd reccomend uploading ISO images 
exclusively locally at Tjener - 700 MB via LAN takes its time. Then, a 
curses-tool should be prefared.

Curious about your opinions => please discuss ;)


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