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Re: Fwd: Sarge - Installation stops at sd_mod

Georg Damm wrote:
Is it planned to build an image with 2.6 kernel? I don't worry
about partitioning the disk myself, but I don't have a clue how
to build the image.
It would be nice to have a linux26 option on the sarge CD, but I
left it out before because adding the kernel package plus udebs
would consume more CD space and space was tight. This decision
should probably be revisited.
That is my last hope ;-)
I checked the daily build from 4 Jan. 2005. The installation went smooth until the installer complained about the missing modules for the 2.6 kernel. When I ignored that, a missing lvm module was the problem. Is that going to be fixed?
Which Image was this, and from were did you fetch this.

The reason for askin is that there is 2 different images for Sarge-based debian-edu, and I think none of them have a 2.6 kernel (unless Joey changed something...).

If you used a standard debian-installer image, I guess at least Joey wants to know which image failed.

Are you able to save the logs to a floppy ?

// faj

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