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Weekly report week 52 and week 53, and next step

* Meetings

- 13. Dec Monday Meeting about seminar in Halden in the beginning of
      February 2005
- 13. Dec Monday Meeting about letter with questions about open
- 14. Dec Tuesday Meeting about centralised operation with IO and TC
- 16. Dec Thursday Meeting with the UFD project, status and next step
- 27. Dec About how to get more pressure behind the message about 
      centralised Skolelinux operation

* Work

- quality assurance of the numbers in the recommendation to the
  municipal department of education in Oslo.
- Working getting some financing of OpenOffice
- Wrote the minutes form the meeting with Kongsvinger municipality,
  Akershus County Council, Hurum municipality, Telecomputing and other
  parties to the work with the operational concept
- Made foil-ware about centralised operation and maintenance of 
- Made a lot of appointments to meetings with people and organisations
  in January and February 2005
- Wrote a letter to the city council about use of Skolelinux and
  OpenOffice in the schools in Oslo.
- Wrote an summary of what to be done with the operational concept
- I probably forgot something

* Next step

- 5.  Jan  Meeting with the foundation: "Åpne kontorprogram på
- 19. Jan 13:00 at ITU about IKT-ABC (www.iktabc.no)
      with Ingunn Stubdal <ingunn.stubdal@itu.uio.no>
      IKT-ABC is a practical pedagogic instruction program for the
      schools management who wish an whole approach for use of ICT at
      the school.

- Making a leadership guide for how to facilitate open source projects
- Following up the question about making Debian Edu weekly news (VB)

By Knut Yrvin 03th of January 2005.

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