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weekly report week 1

Done this week:
 - Got my automated test network back in operation (offline due to
 - Some work on adding powerpc box to test network. Still waiting for
   some firmware updates.
 - More work on sarge security fixes and checking new holes; made another
   semi-weekly report to the release managers about the state of sarge
 - Continued dealing with the svn.debian.org move to costa.
 - Investigated megaraid2 issues in mkinitrd/d-i. Seems to only be a
   discover1-data problem.
 - Split finish menu item in sid base-config so debian-edu can add a reboot
   before base-config is exited.
 - Update (some) d-i kernels to use new sonamed packages.
 - Fix kernel module incompatability issue on sarge cd.
 - Fix sarge cd build to again include all the packages needed by
   debootstrap even if built on systems like developer that have an old,
   broken debootstrap.

Plans for this week:

 - netinst size issues
 - Add new powerpc and alpha machines to automated test network.
 - Work on RC bugs on debian-edu packages.

see shy jo

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