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Re: Additions on /etc/kde3/kdm/Xstartup

[Ralf Gesel|ensetter]
>  #RG 10-2004: log login and turn off bell
>  echo $USER $HOSTNAME $DISPLAY `date` >>/var/log/SESSIONS.log

This is not needed.  The last log (wtmp) will include info about the
user sessions.  Run 'last' to get the list.

>  #RG Nov 2004: lock out some generic users!
>  if [ -f /etc/kde3/kdm/forbidden/$USER ]; then
>    xmessage "Nutzer $USER darf sich hier nicht anmelden" -center
>    exit 1
>  fi

I recommend using user group membership instead to control this.  If
you use a netgroup, you can check with innetgr if a user is member of
the group.  If you use a file group, you can check using 'getent group
foo' to get the list of group members.

This way the access control will work across several thin clients

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