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Additions on /etc/kde3/kdm/Xstartup


this is what I just added to Xstartup at LTSPserver
- in order to lock out some special guests from this particular room
- to keep track of who was sitting at what thin client ($Display)
 #RG 10-2004: log login and turn off bell
 echo $USER $HOSTNAME $DISPLAY `date` >>/var/log/SESSIONS.log
 xset b off

 #RG Nov 2004: lock out some generic users!
 if [ -f /etc/kde3/kdm/forbidden/$USER ]; then
   xmessage "Nutzer $USER darf sich hier nicht anmelden" -center
   exit 1
Now, I can put such forbidden users using "touch" into

What do you think?


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