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Re: Map of schools in Germany ready

On Mon, 1 Nov 2004, Ralf Gesel|ensetter wrote:

... my Atlas says:

Point of interest furthest to the south: lat 46
- norh: lat 55; mean: 50.5

Logitude: take 5 to 15 degrees of logitude,
mean: 10.

Radius: about 550 km.

Center 10/50.5
I tried to apply the coordinates of your Atlas at


by adding

50.5   10.0 "CENTER" align=right color=red #
46.0   10.0 "South"  align=above color=red #
55.0   10.0 "North"  align=below color=red #
50.5    5.0 "West"   align=right color=red #
50.5   15.0 "East"   align=left color=red #

to my xplanet markers file

It's a little bit strange that Vienna is outside your points of interest
(I suspect a language barrier between Switzerland and Austria ;-)), but
by moving the center of the image using the xplanet call

 xplanet -date "24 Jul 2003 12:00:00" -radius 630 -latitude 50.5 \
      -longitude 11.5 -marker_file xplanet-markers.txt \
      -output radius_630-50.5-11.5.png

to the left I hope that Austria is completely inside the image.  BTW,
the radius option from xplanet is something different than the distance
in kilometer because I get a smaller section of the map if I increase
the radius value.

I hope these coordinates are fine.

Kind regards



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