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Re: New Skolelinux CD image release 1.0r1

[Ralf Gesel|ensetter]
> >   * Fixed bug breaking installation for all locales not using
> > ISO-8859-1. Updated base-config from 1.69.skolelinux.5 to
> does this concern -15 (euro!) as well?

Typo in the release notes.  It only effects ISO-8859-15.

> In how far do these meta-packages (?) correspond with the four 
> selectable profiles: main server / ltsp / ws / standalone ?

Yes, these meta packages should match the profiles directly.

> Have those been on former versions? Was kgraph e.g. ever available
> for woody?

Probably not.  Just listed for future reference, I guess. :)

> :( is opera still there?

Yes.  Only the 'extra' packages are being removed for now.  Opera is
part of an existing profile, and will stay for now.

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