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Re: New Skolelinux CD image release 1.0r1

Hi Petter,

Am Sonntag, 31. Oktober 2004 19:40 schrieb Petter Reinholdtsen:
> I've made a new Skolelinux CD image, release 1.0 rev 1.  It is
> available from <URL:ftp://developer.skolelinux.no/skolelinux-cd/>.
> The image size is 652 MiB.

This is good news! It was just the right time!
> Major changes since the previous image:
>   * In first stage installer (debian-installer):
>       + More translations.
>       + Reinserted new manual partition option. It was removed
> because of a bug in the meny ordering. (Petter)


>       + Upgraded from kernel version 2.4.26 to 2.4.27 in the
> installation system. (Petter)
>       + Autopartitioning is now using the whole disk, and scales LVM
> volumes with the disk size. (Andreas Dahl/Petter) (Fixes bug #653) +

This is good news, too!

>   * Fixed bug breaking installation for all locales not using
> ISO-8859-1. Updated base-config from 1.69.skolelinux.5 to

does this concern -15 (euro!) as well?

>   * Added support for enabling Polish and Turkish language settings.

Good for LinuxPro in Warsaw and many schools in Germany, too.
> The disk usage for the different profiles (in KiB) is as follows.
> Please take the numbers with a small grain of salt.
>     244016 education-common

In how far do these meta-packages (?) correspond with the four 
selectable profiles: main server / ltsp / ws / standalone ?
> Some of the packages are missing on the CD, because they are missing
> both in Woody and in our APT-source:

Have those been on former versions? Was kgraph e.g. ever available for 
>   openoffice.org-spellcheck-de-de
> The following  packages did not fit on the CD:
>   mozilla
:( is opera still there?
> Added 34 packages:

Many are language packages - a year from now we will have separate 
images for each continent :)
All in all, fair enough (No: brilliant, you have to be thanked!), now 
let's put the note on the plone sites!


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