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Re: English skolelinux users mailing list etc

Hi all,

On Thu, 02 Sep 2004, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:

> Personal issues aside, the procedure to get a new mailing list would
> be to get some consensus on this list regarding name and topic, and
> ask postmaster@skolelinux.no to create it.  The postmasters normally
> create new lists within less then a week.

Okay, I think we'll have a real use for this now.

Can I propose that an English Language Skolelinux Administrators list be
created.  A few suggested addresses, names etc:

Name: Skolelinux Administrators Group
Address:  admin-discuss@skolelinux.org or
Topic: General Discussion and Assistance for Skolelinux Administrators
Language: English

If anyone else has better ideas, please shout.  The above are just quick
guesses.  After a little while for discussion I'll mail
postmasters@skolelinux.no and get it set up.

> (And try to get gmane.org to archive the list, for convenience. :)

Indeed.  Will mail Lars now.


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