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weekly report week 43

Done last week:

 - Final d-i translation uploads and other last minute fixes.
 - Obtained a HP proliant server with remote management features to use as
   a d-i and debian-edu automated test platform. Upgraded it to iLO 1.63A.
 - Added support for HP iLO (Integrated Lights Out) to the d-i "digress"
   test framework.
 - Set up 26 automated nightly tests of the regular debian installation using
   this server.
 - Got source packages for udebs added to testing, finally.
 - Continued working on tracking sarge security from DSAs.
 - Worked on bug #273192 (2.6 red screen problem), made some progress but
   have not solved it yet.

Plans for this week:

 - Add some automated tests of debian-edu using the new test system.
 - Final d-i initrd builds.
 - Contact everyone who has expressed an interest in working on testing
   security, set up a mailing list, and see what we can do before sarge
   release, maybe starting with dividing up the CAN numbers between us for
   distributed checking since it's such a large job.
 - Work on RC bugs on debian-edu packages.

General TODO list:
 - Assign bugs in the Debian BTS for the items listed in 
   (After verifying/reproducing them).
 - Read over the new English translation of the drift book.
 - I'd like to begin checking all recent CAN numbers to see if those
   security holes are fixed in sarge, but this is such an enormous task
   that I'm hesitant to begin (could take weeks).

see shy jo

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