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Re: debian-edu in Ireland.

Dia dhuit Brian,

welcome to this list! Thank you, too, for your message; being myself a 
teacher who administrates one of Germany's first productive Skolelinux 
installations, I reckon it a good idea to use debian-edu as base 
system. Additional to its easy administration (with thin clients) and 
its high scalability, having an Irish (gaelic) locale could be a real 
plus for you.

Am Mittwoch, 20. Oktober 2004 21:07 schrieb Brian Scanlan:
>  that building a CDD based almost entirely on
> Skolelinux/debian-edu is the correct way to go this? Are there any
> massive disadvantages that I am not thinking of?

Well, at this very moment the only backdraw is that skolelinux is still 
based on woody/stable. But this is already being changed, so it won't 
be a problem much longer. 

In Norway, the major activity was also based on some commercial 
enterprise (hence skolelinux), so scoil-linux sounds brilliant to me, 
as long as locally demanded add-ons go back to the community after 
implementation. I suppose that especially the core team of developers 
could tell you more for this (I am just a dumb teacher:)

Good luck for your plans, 
they sound really f* brilliant!


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