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Re: Query: Reccomended Laptop Solutions? (Hardware)

Ralf Gesel|ensetter wrote:

What is the models, you run?

Every department in our school has at least 1 lapsafe <http://www.lapsafe.com/> with the capacity for 30 laptops, as well as a few moble safes and a few mini safes capable of containing 10 each.

For the most part the laptops are either Maxdata 500/700/1000T's depending on when they were bought, each equipped with either an aeronet or 3com 11b wifi card and have/had a 3 year extended warrenty. The budget for them is ~ £500 each.

The last batch of 1000T's were however marred by a very poor build quality and numerous issues with the win2k images. However Linux was fine on them, with non of the distros including skolelinux having a single problem.

Currently due to the end of line on the 1000T's were using a UK supplier called Fortune Technology <http://www.fortunetechnology.co.uk/> to provide our laptops. The middle of the line model were buying for teachers (410s) comes to just over £600 with a combi-drive, 15' monitor, embedded wifi and extended 3yr warrenty. The nicest thing about them is that they are guranteed to work with a modern linux distro as Fortune used to supply DNUK with linux only laptops.

Future laptops for the kids use are likely to be the 2700D, although a few departments might decide to go for the Latitude 500i (which linux has problems on, due to X corruption when exporting the display to a smartboard) or the HP 9010. The main problem with both of those however is the additional cost and the lack of an extended warrenty.

But as allways TANSTAAFL :)


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