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Query: Reccomended Laptop Solutions? (Hardware)

Dear List,

I noticed, that there is at least some schools here, that already use 
laptops in a broader range. Hence, I hope to draw profit from your 

Out school is in the lucky situation to have a budget for extending its 
hardware. This means basically to increase the computer per pupil rate.

As we lack the room for setting up further computer labs, we focus a 
flexible solution, namely class sets of about 16 laptops. Our classes 
are mainly on two different floors, and all rooms have a 100 MBit 
connection to our server. 

On some fairs, I found offerings consisting of a kind of box-on-wheels 
that has space for 16 laptops, preinstalled sockets for battery 
loading, two wlan access points to temporarily connect a local server 
to the laptops (and of course to the internet).

There are several providers of such furniture, some "special offerings" 
include the laptops and cost 25 thsd. Euro minimum. 

On the other hand, there are providers of used high standard laptops, 
metal case and everything, charging 300-400 euro per device. On a scale 
of 2-3 sets of 16 lapops (=> 50 devices), this makes a vast difference.

On the third hand (hehe), the likelihood for technical disorder 
increases at this scale to almost 1, so a maximum warantee should be 

What is the models, you run?

Thanks for your advice

P.S.: These (German) links show some of the furniture I have in mind:
Both are available in English as well.

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