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Re: preconfiguration on the user side and its maintenance

torsdag 7. oktober 2004, 16:06, skrev Patrick Willam:
> I see this kmailrc thing as a special case of a more general problem,
> for which i haven't seen a solution in Skolelinux yet.
> [Maybe i just didn't look at the right place; then please point me (and
>   others) right to it ;-) ]
> At least some of this user-specific things can't be done by just copying
> files from /etc/skel/ to $HOME. Regarding this, /etc/skel/ is like an
> image, but one needs a template [also?/instead?].

I've made a script for this use, now GPLed and shared at 

It isn't perfect (yet), but have a look at it and see if it helps.

Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> Programs that has no option of default setup below /etc is badly
> designed IMHO.

Normally, yes. But there are examples (like mail application setup) where 
removing all user setup in homedirs can cause more harm than good.
We don't want to bind ourselves to bad defaults.


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