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Re: How bandwidth requirement could be reduced when using thin clients?

onsdag 6. oktober 2004, 01:35, skrev Ben Higginbottom:
> Only Linux would be nice to have, but A) The teachers would lynch me
> and B) Despite they develpment work we carried out on WINE for the
> dual boot , theres still far to many national curriculum approved
> packages that only work within windows.

In Norway the the Norwegian Competition Authority has instructed the 
Directorate for Primary and Secondary Education to support open 
standards in education. The Directorate are also investigated for 
supporting[1] Microsoft by flooding schools with free copies of 
software behemoth Microsoft's programs. In a meeting with Skolelinux 
1th of september the Directorate promised[2] to give 100% support to 
schools that uses Skolelinux. So the tables has turned. They who don't 
support free software has to explain them self to the Competition 
Authority. They who recomended us to take contact with the Competition 
Authority was the Ministry of Transport and Communications. 

[1] http://www.aftenposten.no/english/local/article856261.ece

When it comes to user evaluation of Skolelinux, The municipal department 
of education in Oslo has tested Skolelinux at three schools. They 
report the same as Statskonsult that says[3]: 

  Skolelinux is a good product for the schools, satisfying all 
  of the main needs of the schools. It is inexpensive, stable and 
  can be used together with varous learning platforms and 
  learning portals. Using thin clients, Skolelinux in a 
  school environment is less expensive to acquire and 
  operate than different Windows versions.
  According to our evaluation, Skolelinux is well suited for 
  use in the school.

[3] Report 2003:24 Experiences from the Use of Skolelinux: 
  Use of OpenSource Software at Four Norwegian Schools: 

- Knut

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