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Sarge-based Debian-edu

Some of us are from time to time reading that the timeline for
releasing Debian-Sarge is pushed furter away for each day. For more
update on the dates, you may look at the message to
debian-devel-announce [1]. 

It would be really great to have a Sarge based Debian-edu when Debian
releases Sarge. Well, I'm not really sure how far away we are, we still
have to maintain the ltsp-packages outside the main-tree, but most of
the other stuff should be almost ready. Therefore I Ask you to join us
to test. There is for the moment 2 images that are built for

One that is autobuilt using whatever packages are availible for the
debian-installer and for the image to be fetched:
 rsync -vtessh ftp.skolelinux.no:~ftp/cd-sarge/sarge-i386-1.raw

An otherone that I build whenever I make some changes to some package
of some sort. 
 rsync -vtessh ftp.skolelinux.no:~ftp/cd-sarge/sarge-i386-bzzware.raw

To the later I also releases a description document with things I find
that we need to fix [2]. This document is updated as things move along,
and I have my own little script that I use to build the CD with. The
source of the build-script is availible from alioth, And please enhance
it, document it, use it or let it be. Everything I do goes back into
CVS, or if I have to build a custom package (webmin-dhcpd is one
example) the source and the debian-packages are put into

You may see -x.edu.y packages there, which is debian-packages that are
rebuilt (webmin is one)
you may see +cvs2004MMDD, which is debian-edu-packages built from cvs
at the given date. All cvs builds are tagged in cvs with

>From my document [2] I have this list of things that I want to have
fixed. Soon all of them will be filed as bugs agains
debian-edu-install[3], debian-edu-config[4] or debian-edu[5] in debian-bts:

 - Fix Partitioning of standalone
 - Remove Standalone Extras
 - Create Education-barebone
 - Fix Grub question (or maybe not)
 - Fix DNS bug with Munin
 - Reboot after everything is installed
 - Make the need for a last reboot go away
 - Fix so that KDE is the default for logging in an a clean account
 - Make pam use @other (and such)
 - Make KDE stop complaining so loud about missing soundcard 
   (or is this really something else?) 
 - Add missing Mozilla-locale-no-nb
 - Make Ragnar agree on where LTSP-kernels should be, 
   and make him fix inetd, dhcpd and pxelinux.cfg/default
 - Make sure every package that existed on Venus is replaced with
   something else
 - Make sure it is possible to upgrade from venus to Sarge

[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2004/09/msg00005.html
[2] http://developer.skolelinux.no/dokumentasjon/debian-edu_sarge_installation.txt
[3] http://bugs.debian.org/debian-edu-install
[4] http://bugs.debian.org/debian-edu-config
[5] http://bugs.debian.org/debian-edu

Finn-Arne Johansen 

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