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[samba] netlogin.bat isn't run on w2k clients

Dear list,

we have mostly winNT clients that act as desired. few w2k clients are used 
mainly by teachers, it has struck me before, that they behave different at 
login time. anyway, those w2k clients wouldn't start the netlogin.bat 
automatically. is there any guesses why? (was netlogon.bat before) 
they joined the domain as usual and i log in as plain user.

here is a snipped from smb.conf (global  section):

# Network logon

   logon home = \\tjener\%U

# MH   vorher: h:
   logon drive = u:
   logon script = login.bat

;   invalid users = root

Do I have to state the absolute path for netlogin.bat maybe?


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